Lyn Dickson
55 Stuart St, Griffith
6126 4700

Griffith Hall

Opening Hours of Venue: 
Upon negotiation, must be vacated by 12pm.
Opening Hours of Office: 
Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.
Are there different opening times for the venue for a performance compared to a rehearsal? If so please state: 
Is the venue closed on any public holidays or other dates during the year?: 
Technical Facilities
Sound system: 
No inbuilt sound system.
Sound engineer: 
Fluorescent house lighting only
No inbuilt stage
Does the venue have any sound restrictions: 
Noise must not be louder than an acceptable level according to law. No amplified music or noise after midnight.
If the venue is not on the ground floor, are there any ramps or lifts for loading heavy equipment: 
Yes, fully accessible via ramps
Can event managers bring in their own sound and/or lights: 
General Facilities
Total capacity: 
Security provided: 
Door person provided: 
Kitchen options: 
Kitchenette is available at venue
Bar options: 
No bar is available
Air conditioning available: 
Heating only
Greenroom and dressing rooms?: 
Cleaning Policy: 
Must be left in the same condition it was hired in.
Number of Toilets: 
1 male, 1 female
Disabled Toilets: 
Fire Exits?: 
Does the venue have available instruments on the premises?: 
Is there a dance floor: 
No but plenty of room for dance floor.
Parking facilities
What parking facilities are available?: 
Yes parking is available out the front
Is it paid parking?: 
Is the space suitable for a performance, a rehearsal or a teaching venue?: 
Does the venue have a certain style of d├ęcor: 
Contemporary, high-end community hall.
If the venue is a more specific style of establishment, what is it: 
Community Centre
Fees and Charges
Hire rates: 
$42.50 p/h
Community discount rate: 
$35 p/h
No ticketing service
Insurance provided or expected: 
Clubs, associations, corporations, incorporated bodies or sporting bodies and any other hirer conducting any kind of profit making or commercial activity are required to have Public Liability Insurance in a sum of not less than $10,000,000. A copy of the hirer's Insurance Letter of Currency must be provided at the time of booking confirmation.
Cancellation policy: 
A written cancellation MUST be provided at least 14 days prior to the event. Any cancellations less than seven days or not in writing will be charged at the full agreed fee unless the event is re-booked and held within fourteen days of the original booked date. Cancellations between seven and fourteen will attract a 25% administration fee. Any monies due to be refunded will be in cheque form.
Disabilities Facilities and Access
Is there a ramp to the building?: 
Yes fully accessible
Does the building have multiple floors? Are there internal ramps?elevators available?: 
Single floor only
Sound Insulation
Is the venue insulated from the outside noise?: 
Is the venue close to a main/noisy road?: 
Marketing and Ticketing
Does the venue provide its own advertising for performances?: 
What are the requirements for ticketing? Does the venue take a cut? Is there a compulsory company to sell tickets through?: 
No ticketing requirements
Recording Facilities
Are there recording facilities?: