MusicACT is looking for Volunteers and Committee Members

Call for Volunteers and Committee Members

MusicACT is looking for energetic people who love music as much as we do to join us and help run our volunteer, not-for profit organisation.

After two magnificent years of the MusicACT Annual Music Awards - the MAMAs - it is time to take stock and establish strong foundations for the long term. We want to expand our range of services to members and spend more time advocating to government to make policy that supports Canberra's music culture. To do this we need people with skills and enthusiasm who have about 5 hours per week to spare.

In particular, we are looking for people with an interest in sponsorship development, and people with a passion for music sectors such as choirs, music theatre, country and blues.

If you are interested please drop a line initially to Gavin Findlay, President Music on