Sixty Eight Lyons

Sixty Eight Lyons began as a tribute to appease the funk gods, Bootsy Collins, Parliament, and James Brown. They soon discovered their niche in their ability to mix the funk with some rocking sounds and thought this would be a tribute worthy of the Funk Lords. Recently having won the battle of the bands competition (Twice) at PJ ORileys they knew then that their futures lay in pleasing not only the immortal funk gods, but also in putting on a kick-ass show and keeping the punters dancing and happy.
Funk Rock
How many members: 
Who are you influenced by: 
RHCP, RATM, Jeff Buckley, Grinderman, Bootsy Collins, James Brown, the Mars Volta... others...
Average set time: 
30-60 minutes
What constitutes your ideal gig: 
not being kicked out of Westfield halfway through a gig is ideal...
Three other Canberra bands you enjoy sharing a stage with: 
Brass Knuckle Brass Band the Barren Spinsters West of the Sun