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I Exist

Clawing their way out of the frosty, political hellhole of Australia’s capital, Canberra sextet I Exist return with their third full length monstrosity, From Darkness. Constant touring across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the UK has sharpened the band’s approach resulting in the expert marriage of the doom, blues and sludge flavours of 2011’s II: The Broken Passage with the ferocious blackened hardcore of their pre-history, making From Darkness the strongest I Exist release yet. Returning to Melbourne’s Goat Sound Studios to (be abused by and) work with Blood Duster’s Jason Fuller (King Parrot, Mindsnare) and with mixing handled by Phillip Cope and Jay Matheson at The Jam Room in South Carolina (Baroness, Kylesa, Black Tusk), From Darkness swings from swaggering harmonized leads (“Sorrow On Hill 105”), vicious hardcore bursts (“Tear Down The Crucifx”) and swirling psychedelia (“Ride To Hell”). The band’s touring history reflects this varied sound and unwillingness to submit to genre boundaries – the last two years have included dates with Eyehategod, Frenzal Rhomb, Black Breath, Mindsnare, Psycroptic, Every Time I Die, Doomriders, Russian Circles, Twitching Tongues and Harms Way as well as festival slots on Hardcore 2012, Bastardfest, Poison City Weekender, Fluff Fest and Antwerp Metal Fest. From Darkness out now on Resist Records/Prosthetic Records
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Who are you influenced by: 
Eyehategod, Black Sabbath, Tragedy, Mindsnare, Integrity, High on Fire, Sleep, Suffocation
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Three other Canberra bands you enjoy sharing a stage with: 
Urge to Kill Hygiene Looking Glass
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