Ernie Nichols

Works at CityNews as Senior Advertising Executive since 21 Sept 2010. Advertising for various corporate clients and dealing with advertising programs, concepts and ideas. Has been a member of MusicACT 2-3 months, working on Sponsorship and promotions. Former Ansett and Flag International staff member. I love Canberra and want to do my part in Canberra 100 which is to create an annual Blues event/festival and have it at the new Arboretum Amphitheatre late Sept 2013. It is slowly progressing. Working on a wine label too! Live music is LIVE, Live it! You heard that here first!
Business Type: 
Business services
Secondary business type: 
Business Services
What type of business do you provide: 
Advertising solutions for Canberra's premier CityNews weekly magazine, across several sectors, building, law, training, restaurants/cafes, doctors/dentists, car dealers, professional associations for a start!
Do you have a speciality: 
Marketing and sales.
Career highlights: 
Media Award wins PANPA. Award for a Queanbeyan supplement and a Canberra Raiders 25 years "In the Limelight" publication Fairfax awards.